Sun. Jun 16th, 2024
Does technology help creativity?

Technology will be a barrier to creativity until its potential is harnessed. The more we use the power of technology, the more creative we become. When we see a screen, a mobile phone, a tablet or a computer, we need to see it as a means of creative expression.

Research has shown that everyone is born with creative abilities, some are creatively active and others keep creativity dormant. The creative potential in our lives is enormous and we need to bring it to life. The question that often comes to mind is, how do we do it? In this age of technology, it is much easier to keep creativity intact and free flowing.

Educational system
The restrictive education system prevents students from thinking creatively which results in assembly line workers rather than intellectually creative individuals. To address this situation, the need of the hour is to bring creativity back into the classroom and use technology to enhance it.

With technology’s ability to transcend time and space, students have more opportunities to produce creative assignments and projects in no time. As higher education institutions encourage the use of technology in the classroom, many teachers support students’ creative minds. A number of universities are turning to ICT (Information and Communication Technology) to blend technology and creativity for their students.

Creativity, technology and students
Technology has given engineering students an opportunity to be creative and innovative. Flows like robots gave students to play with them and create something more human. For these students, the use of technology and creativity is career readiness.

For media students, professors give more opportunity and freedom to create and design assignments. The animation and gaming industry is driven by technology and creativity. Students in this industry rely on technology and programming to create new games and innovative solutions in everyday life. In the media industry, technology is used creatively to bring news, opinions, and events to various platforms. Creativity and technology are inseparable from movies, animation and the media industry.

New social media is also encouraging creativity among Gen x students. On platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Tumblr, students are creating globally accessible resources and information with the help of technology and creativity. Students can collaborate with like-minded people around the world, engage in online discussion on various topics, and come up with creative outputs.

As we approach the new millennium, students are using technology to expand creativity in the classroom and beyond. It’s like using both sides of our brains to develop technology to enhance our creativity.

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