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Hello, welcome back to the blog of blog writer The Dr. Britten Cole!

The Dr. Cole, an anesthesiologist and mother of two kids The Spanked Blog and the Spanking Blog. is a split-time mother of two children, who splits her time among Orlando, Florida, and Los Angeles. In which she is performing the lead role on the first season of Married to Medicine: Los Angeles. Aside from her appearance on the popular Bravo program’s forthcoming spin-off. She’s currently looking for permanent medical jobs in the West Coast.

In the past, before becoming an anesthesiologist, Dr. Cole worked as an officer in the Navy together with her best friend, who was married to Medicine Atlanta actress Doctor. Contessa Metcalfe.

The Doctor. Cole and husband Mack Major have two children: Mack Jr., 7, and Ivy 8. You can follow her on Instagram at @brittencolemd.

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Disclaimer Spanked Blog as well as Spanking Blog

Disclaimer According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, corporal punishment should not be used as a punishment for children. In the December 2018 guideline, it was stated that parents should “be encouraged” not to use spanking blogs for punishment, and doctors also stating it is the case that “there appears to be a strong association between Spanked Blog children and subsequent adverse outcomes.”

Entrepremium also had a discussion on the topic with doctor. Robin Gurwitch, a psychologist and professor at Duke University Medical Center, in June, to discuss the effectiveness of corporal punishment. She stressed that “research in the last few decades has confirmed the negative consequences on the body. Spanking Blog and any corporal punishment or verbal shame .”

“The brief alteration in behavior doesn’t overshadow the negative consequences which include increased aggressiveness. The brain is damaged as well as problems with relationship and development,” she explained. “This does not differ by race, ethnicity, the income or the level. These kinds of punishments aren’t suitable for children.”

Spanking Blog

The choice of disciplining your child is an individual decision and one that is controversial. You’ll be amazed by the many Americans believe that children should have occasionally, and in truth, I agree with them too. I think that if spanking is utilized with other methods of discipline within with a caring parent-child relationship. They could be an efficient method of changing the behaviour of children.

For instance, when one of my close friends’ daughter was just five, she was fascinated by the idea of sprinting through the streets in a full-on sprint and go through the intersections! After repeated criticisms, timeouts and even conversations didn’t work, and a quick spanking blog stopped the dangerous behavior. The majority of children receive spankings between the ages of two to seven. This is the time that children are learning how to manage their own lives and, as a result, they’re able to test the boundaries.

Based on my personal experiences in situations where logic and reasoning aren’t in the forefront and other methods of discipline don’t work, I’ve had them slap their feet on the bottom. I have observed that rubbing them on their bottoms feet stimulated their curiosity and halted the behavior pattern and helped them reconsider and change their behavior to the future.

While I’m not opposed to having a fight however, there are a few important caveats that I need to know about. I consider the spanking wife blog to be some swats to the back of her head – no belts, switches, or close fingers. I’m not an advocate of striking the face of a child or the sexual organs.

I created my own rules on the fm spanking of blogs and decided that a timeout or offering options was not enough:

  • The method of femdom spanking blog is among the ways children are disciplined. However, this isn’t the sole way.
  • It is the only form of discipline employed or utilized in order to alert the public to an incident. It is not recommended to repeat the same act.
  • It is advised to utilize f/m spanking blogs only when it is necessary.
  • There are many children who do not need adult spanking blog websites as parents, and certainly not all parents need to using a spank blogs. Parents who have trouble learning to manage their anger and emotions should consider alternative methods of discipline (e.g. timeouts and redirection), denying children of pleasures or positive reinforce ).
  • Do not just spank your child, without taking the opportunity to instruct your child. Offer your child an explanation and a comprehension degree of the behavior was unacceptable and warrants a spanking.
  • It will eventually disappear, so you can put off the spanking blog until you’re not annoyed any more.

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It’s true that the previous one might be hard to stick to at times. But it’s worth it to take your time and tell your child “Wait until we get home,” or “Go to your room.” This will provide your child a break between the snarky behaviour and your adult blog about spanking. This gives them the chance to consider whether a blog written by a wife who has been spanked is a necessity. It’s a given that you’ll need to end it!. If you’re not seeing results, it’s possible to seek out help. Consult a professional. Talk to your doctor. or a specialist in behavioral issues for ideas on how to manage your child.

At this stage in my children’s lives, I don’t punish them with a smack. They’re mature enough to understand how their choices affect them, and they’re able to have the capacity to speak in a conversation. Other ways of disciplining are used in the majority. The removal of cell phones internet access, or other gadgets that they want to use has proven to be a powerful bargaining instrument to get them involved in chores at home.

I can even offer the blog using “the look,” which provides the immediate impression of “Don’t do that again.” This is the reason why prior to this, the punishment for a Spanked Blog would be to stop repeat or obnoxious behavior.


I’ve learned that the use of a spanking blog is useful in certain circumstances. As well as with certain children and their parents. But any discipline method will not be efficient if it is not accompanied by a method of teaching the lesson. That’s why the lack of discipline.

The process of parenting is an individual challenge for every person, and unfortunately, no guide or book accessible. If we can parent with compassion and a focus on being examples and suppressing our feelings in a manner that’s meaningful and hopefully, we’ll be more like us.

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