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Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions

Most Embarrassing Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions of All Time: From Broken Straps to Split Pants

oh! From broken pants and split straps, Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions to showing off a hell amount more flesh than they initially thought, celebrities have seen many cringeworthy outfit malfunctions. Most times the issue is in the spotlight.

For whatever reason, whether a snapping image is appearing on live TV. And the winds caused an accident on the way to an event and anyone has been affected. From Lindsay Lohan to Nicki Minaj is confronted with a wardrobe crisis.

Although some celebrities have been frozen when confronted by a fashion crisis however. The majority of them can manage the situation like a professional and smile at the unfortunate incident.

For instance, take Miley Cyrus for instance. The star began in 2022 on the NBC New Year’s Special. The show went off without a hitch, the show changed at midnight.

Uh oh! From split-pants and broken straps all the way to showing a hell of more flesh than they initially thought, celebrities have experienced many cringeworthy fashion faux pas. Most times it’s all happening in the spotlight.

Since whether something snaps on live TV or the wind triggered a mishap on the way to an event and anyone including Lindsay Lohan to Nicki Minaj has been confronted with a wardrobe crisis.

Although some celebrities have been frozen when confronted with an issue with fashion. Most of them can manage the situation with aplomb and laugh at the embarrassing moment.

Consider Miley Cyrus as an example. The star began the year 2022 by hosting the NBC New Year’s Special. While her special was running without a hitch, the show changed shortly before midnight.

During the “Party in the USA” performance, the strap that was on her top fell off. Instead of stopping singing and leave the stage and leave the stage, the Hannah Montana star tossed her top off, covered her breasts with her arms and walked backstage to her gown.

Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions Photos:

She also made fun of the whole thing following the event, and took to Instagram to post a pic showing her dress in all all its beauty. Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions “Get an excellent view of the top, which was not able to stay on for very long,” …” she captioned jokingly her photo.

Cyrus isn’t the only Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions to complain about their mishap in social media. In the wake of Lil Nas The X’s Saturday Night Live Performance in May 2021, in which he completely ripped his pants in his pole dancing routine the singer made a post on Twitter. “I know I do a lot of planned s–t, but ripping my pants on live television is not one of them,” he joked on the social media platform.

In Lil Nas’s case, her pants ripped at the front. Cardi B also had the same problem with her backside during June 2019. In a performance at Bonnaroo the singer’s dress fell off her butt. “I just wanna let y’all know that my outfit ripped,” she told the media as reported by the Tennessean.

Instead of calling her quits she changed to a bathrobe and kept working hard. It was like an expert!

Live performances that feature dancing and grooving can cause tears and rips in clothing However, on the red carpet, we’ve been the scene of many accidents. Most of the time the problem with clothes originates from an apron-length slit.

From to Teen mom’s Farrah Abraham to Paris Hilton. There’s no shortage of stars who glowed excessively when doing a left-leg-out stance.

Starting from Kim Kardashian’s exposed underwear from Kim Kardashian’s underwear exposure to Jennifer Lawrence’s nip slip, continue scrolling to check out the most embarrassing fashion errors of all time.

Ryan Seacrest

The Live With Kelly and Ryan co-hosts had an embarrassing fashion faux pas in the month of August 2022 when they sat down with guest host Carson Kressley. “By the way, my fly is down,” Seacrest confessed, before making a move to alter his attire.

“What? You’re probably just glad to be here!” the Queer Eye star joked. Seacrest said that it was Kressley’s sharp manner which caused him to change quickly before going on stage.

Rachel Zegler

Help is on the way! Rachel Zegler has revealed that her dress had broken during the Critics’ Choice Awards in March 2022. Luckily, she had a large group to repair her outfit.

“My dress fell apart the other night. Lady Gaga, Este Haim and Alana Haim gathered to fix it using hairpins. And I think it’s beautiful,” the West Side Story star tweeted.

Camila Cabello

As a professional! The Cinderella star suffered a minor slip while demonstrating her dance moves on an show called The One Show in March 2022.
The fashion faux pas was handled with grace she shook off her dress and completing her salsa routine without skipping one beat. “I hope you didn’t see nipple,” she said at the conclusion of her interview.

Paris Hilton

Shoes and shenanigans! In a January 2022 appearance during The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon the This Is Paris star mistakenly was wearing two different shoes.

In the aftermath of the episode, Fallon poked fun at Hilton’s wardrobe blunders. “When you rush out of the house with the wrong shoes. The comedian posted a caption to an Instagram post that showed the reality star walking around on the stage.

Dakota Johnson

Whoops! It’s not so! 50 Shades of Grey star had an itty-bitty Magda Butrem dress for the Late Late Show. With James Corden which was a bit shorter than she had originally planned. Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions.

After sitting down, the lower hem rose and she had to put her upper thigh in her hands. When Corden asked her if she would like his blazer Johnson hilariously responded: “I’m ok. It’s nothing nobody hasn’t already seen.”

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