Wed. May 29th, 2024

Any mom who wants to train to become a plumber and start a new career can find encouragement from this inspiring story. Clara Bagshaw decided to train to be a plumber because she wanted to take advantage of the job opportunities available to women in the industry but needed flexible learning to fit into her home life. The mother of two had a very busy family life as she had to take care of her children and make sure they went to school which made training for a new profession very difficult due to the apparent lack of time.

Mrs. Bagshaw was able to enroll in a four-week plumbing course which provided her with the essential skills and knowledge support to perform basic tasks around the home. Clara was able to take a plumbing course evenings and weekends which enabled her to fit her training around childcare after negotiations with foster homes and mothers-in-law. Ms. Bagshaw was able to enjoy flexible learning because she chose to attend a private training provider rather than a Further Education College which would not be able to provide the same teaching structure. Clara discovered the most suitable training provider for her after using search engines, searching center websites and searching forums to ensure you found the right match for her requirements.

Although plumbing is a typically male-dominated environment, Clara was not intimidated by the atmosphere and was treated just like everyone else who was eager to learn new trade skills. Once the course was completed Clara began to look at the qualifications that would enable her to start working in the industry in both commercial and domestic real estate. Having the right qualifications is now the next step for Ms. Bagshaw as she has already learned that there are many organizations looking to hire Plumbers.

Many local authorities are keen to hire plumbers because they have female residents such as frail and elderly people who are not always comfortable with a man entering their home. Clara will need to have a City & Guilds 6189 qualification before she can seriously begin to consider a career as a practicing Plumber as it is an industry recognized entry level award. Fortunately for Clara and busy mums and dads, there are many training centers that can offer this qualification on a flexible basis such as evenings, weekends or both.

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