Wed. May 29th, 2024

Allowing flexible options for employees’ work schedule can help increase their productivity. Today’s top employers are flexible and understand that employees are looking for new options in their work schedule. In order to reduce employee turnover and retention, employers are looking for new options for presenting their employees in terms of work scheduling. There are many options to consider, each with its benefits.

Perhaps the simplest option is to be flexible with regular scheduling. This allows employees to work hours that may differ slightly from the normal office or company start time. While this may not work for some jobs (eg a receptionist who is required to be there during lobby hours), it can help retain other employees who may need flexibility regarding continuing education or family requirements. Other employers offer compressed work weeks where employees can work 4 ten hours a day as opposed to a 5 eight hour day.

Another option that is growing in popularity is telecommuting. In this age of information and data, most work can be done from anywhere that allows them access to the internet. This option is great for areas with inappropriate weather or for employees who may need to book a doctor’s appointment in the middle of the day. This also reduces employee gas costs and helps reduce pressure on the environment. Many companies are now allowing employees to choose to work remotely a certain number of days per week.

No matter what options you offer your employees, it is important to listen to their feedback. Ask them about options that would increase their productivity and work with them. Allowing flexibility to your workforce allows you to attract new talent to work for you rather than your competition. No matter which options you choose, make sure you have proper ways to track time for employees.

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